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The Lit House Book Club @ Duckworth's is the opportunity to hear writers talk about a book they love from a writer's perspective while enjoying dinner at one of Gloucester's finest restaurants. Participants are expected to be familiar with the feature book, as there will be open discussion during the event.

The Lit House Book Club--March 15

  • Rockport writer Sandra Williams will moderate our discussion of William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

    Williams taught World Literature, and Writing at both the high school and university levels with an MA in British Literature. She is a poet and writer, with published articles in New View Magazine UK and other publications.  She is author of Moss on Stone: A Historical Novella, and Time and Tide: A Collection of Tales. She facilitates poetry groups and serves on the Board of Directors at the Gloucester Writers Center in Gloucester, MA, and was co-chair for the Dogtown Writers Festival in September of 2019. She lives in Rockport with her artist husband, Robert.

    "Hamlet pertains to everything--everything in life that is most essential, if we are willing to look beyond our ordinary existence into the 'extraordinary.'  Hamlet...speaks anew to each generation. Both the nature of his mind and his dilemma are contemporary and universal...we too, at some point...face a seemingly irresolvable dilemma not necessarily of our own making. We too must either bear a crisis in silence, or 'take arms against' it...Hamlet is representative of humanity, and Denmark is a microcosm of the world in which we daily observe." ~ Sandra Williams