Editorial Services

Helping writers bring their vision to the page. 

Manuscript Consultation


"There is no great writing, only great re-writing." Justice Brandeis

You've taken the first, vital step. You've written a book. Or a story. Or a collection of poetry. But you need perspective. Someone to tell you how a reader will experience your work. Let us help you make your manuscript stronger, more powerful. Whether you're aiming for a major publisher or planning to publish on your own, we can help you craft a clean, dynamic manuscript. 


We also offer college essay consultation for high school students ready to take the next step in their education.

Rates are determined per project.







Business Services


Eastern Point Lit House offers expert editors who will help you perfect all of your writing projects including news releases, business letters, brochures and more. Be clear, and the world will understand exactly what you mean.

No job is too small. We offer timely turnaround on most projects. 


Rates are determined per project.

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